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Commodity Prices for

February 2015

(Updated Monthly according to Associated Builders & Contractors)

Iron & Steel -5.4%
Softwood Lumber -3.7%
Plumbing Fixtures -0.1%
Steel Mill Products -1.8%
Natural Gas -11.2%
Fabricated Structural Metal 0%
Crude Energy Materials +0.9%
Prepared Asphalt, Tar Roofing & Siding -1.4%

About Wolgast

General Construction - Construction Management Design/Build - Leaseback - Restoration - Development


Wolgast Corporation, a Saginaw, Michigan general contractor, is a progressive and comprehensive construction provider for commercial, institutional and manufacturing clients throughout Michigan.

Whether it's a remodel, buildout, new build or restoration, our specialized services were developed and systemized to create a positive construction experience for our clients that is predictable and fast. To that end, we offer Design/Build, Construction Management, General Construction and Lease Back services to meet the individual needs of our customer.

While we have experience building most types of buildings, our expertise lies in construction of medical or dental offices, schools, industrial operations, or restaurants.

Our founder, Gerald H. Wolgast built this company on two basic foundations; do the job right and do it on time. That is at the core of Wolgast Corporation. It represents our on-going commitment to the construction industry, to each other, to our clients and to the foundation started by G.H. Wolgast; to be the best in everything we do.

Top Ten Wolgast Advantages

Guaranteed Completion Date...
We deliver top quality at top speed.

Our process-driven approach provides exceptional service and efficiency.

Building Customer Relationships...
We are your construction advocate.

We offer competitive price, superior quality and outstanding service.

The Construction Experts...
We are skilled in all facets and forms of construction.

Phased Design/Build...
The most cost-effective, flexible and responsive process in the industry.

Working as a team to maximize strengths, skills and experience.

Employee Owned Pride...
Our success depends on your satisfaction.

Cutting Edge Technology...
Utilizing today's technology to provide better service for our customer.

The Merit Shop Approach...
Focused on delivering the best value.

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