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Safety On Site - What It Can Mean For Your Construction Project

Posted by Cory Sursely on 7/29/2011

Safety Manual ImageSafety is an important aspect of any business but especially in construction, where a little accident can have serious impacts to those involved; the workers, the owner and the contractor.  First and foremost, it is our concern to keep all of our workers healthy, so they can go home to their family each night and be a consistent provider both physically and financially, as well as a reliable contributor to our team.  That’s why it’s important to have a General Contractor who is not only following the codes and regulations, but has incorporated a culture of safety into their operations.

Furthermore, an accident with equipment will mean having to delay progress if that item was important for the next steps as parts, or an entire new unit, has to be ordered and delivered and any site damage repaired.  An example would be improper hoisting and installation of an HVAC unit.  Perhaps, the unit swings into a wall, or worse yet, falls to the ground.  Barring no injuries, there will be the need to repair where the building was struck, plus the damage of the HVAC unit, which will incur further costs to the project and delays as the unit can no longer be installed and perhaps work has to be put on hold because that unit had to be in place to continue forward with the schedule.

All work sites are subject to OSHA and governmental inspections. Non-compliance issues because of a lax attitude on safety can lead to work slowdowns, stoppages, and fines because safety was not the first priority of everyone on the job.  If a physical injury accident or, insufferably, death occurs, then that same lax attitude on safety can come back to devastate the workers or their family, contractor, General Contractor, or owner as fines, lack of proper insurance coverage, and possibly even criminal charges are heaped onto those involved.  The investigation alone will stop work on the project and if the contractor or General Contractor is put out of business, you then have to find someone who is willing to take the place of the contractor that was shut down. This will likely be at a premium and again cause severe costs and scheduling issues.

That is why it’s important to have a General Contractor like Wolgast Corporation on your team. Wolgast not only focuses on working safe and following regulations (for both themselves and subcontractors) but Wolgast also factors in the extra time to do a job safely.  This makes for a more realistic delivery schedule and expectations for all involved and less stress for the owner who now knows that safety is an important part of everything being done.

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