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Using Your Building as a Marketing Tool

Posted by Cory Sursely on 4/10/2013


In your marketing plan you’ve probably included a budget for advertising, special events, direct mail, tradeshows, logoed goods, internet and social media to name a few, all in order to drive traffic to your business.  One thing you may not have considered is the role of your building and how it can drive traffic to (or away from) your business.

As with any real estate decision, we all know that location is the key.  Are you currently located in a populated area with easy access in and out of your driveway?  Depending on how long you’ve been established in an area, a move to a busier location could help boost your business.  Plus having adequate signage and attractive curb appeal can attract interested consumers.  Having unkempt lawns with debris or a building exterior that’s drab or falling apart can easily make you inconspicuous to passersby despite the rest of your marketing efforts.

The interior of your building could also play a role in maintaining customers.  Consumers are drawn to the latest thing and want to be where the motif is modern and relevant.  Many of our construction clients, depending on their industry, have benefited from a remodel of their business due to the attraction they get during construction.  Of course, they promoted the fact that they were remodeling and also had a groundbreaking ceremony and grand opening event to help get current and prospective customers excited.  Sometimes, just having a new and fresh message to share is half the battle when it comes to advertising and marketing.

Designing your building with unique features can set you apart from competitors.  Our staff architect, Rick Keith, has lots of ideas and will help guide you to create the perfect modern and relevant space for your business.

In other words, your building – inside and out – can help you grow your business when it’s fresh, clean, and comfortable for consumers.  This means that wear and tear needs to be addressed, the landscape is free of weeds and debris, you’re located in a busier area, your driveway is hassle-free to access and/or exit, and finally, that you’re easy to find with clear signage.

If it’s time for you to make a change, contact Wolgast’s Michael Shepard at mshepard@wolgast.com or 800-965-4278 to get started.  Or in the meantime (until the time is right), consider updating your marketing budget to include building investments.

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