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Guess: Which Profession Has no Room for Errors?

Posted by Cory Sursely on Wed, Mar 19, 2014 @ 11:16 AM


By Cory Sursely, Executive Assistant

I caught a rerun of Family Feud on GSN recently and the question was posed, “What profession has no room for errors?”  They featured seven possible answers.  I automatically thought of physicians, which was the top answer.  After that, it became a little tougher.  Police officer was up there, but neither pilot nor bus driver were.  So what else could it be that 100 American people thought?  I was on the edge of my seat to find out.  Then they said it, "Construction"!  Of course, being in the industry I know this, but I didn’t know that the majority of people on Family Feud would have thought of it.

All the measurements, ordering materials, knowledge of how to use equipment, timing,  coordination for safety measures, fighting the elements, and establishing a solid foundation are just a few of the pieces that need to be choreographed to create a structure that could stand and be useful for approximately 100 years or more (with maintenance of course). 

When you think about it, every construction project starts with a plan on paper.  Executing that plan takes a skilled team of people to ensure that it’s followed to a T and should there be a discrepancy of the plan to a real world scenario, that team has to be knowledgeable to make appropriate adjustments along with the architect and owner in real time, so not to delay the project, blow the budget or miss the deadline.  None of us are infallible, but a professional contractor with all the credibility, certificates, insurance and bonding capacity will be precise and will also have the ability and wherewithal to correct any inaccuracies (if any) to protect you from risk on your investment. There is definitely very little room for error.

The other answers, in case you were wondering, were: Police Officer, Accountant, Fire Fighter, Hair Dresser and the President

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