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The Story of Wolgast’s Speed

Posted by Cory Sursely on Wed, Dec 19, 2018 @ 10:37 AM

MerrillToolSpeed is one of the most coveted aspects when it comes to commercial construction and nothing improves speed like doing a project right the first time.  You could argue that cutting corners can sometimes make it faster, and that’s true until it causes rework, back tracking, or failures down the road.  Our founder, Jerry Wolgast, had the philosophy of “do it right the first time” and that is still instilled in us today.  However, we have implemented programs to help us consistently meet or exceed our deadlines rather than just hope that everything falls into place.

Jerry’s sons would help their dad even as boys and they would tell you that he didn’t let them stop just because the sun had set, no, he would keep them going until their work was done.  That work ethic is what helped us to secure our relationship with McDonald’s Corporation almost 40 years ago.  And that relationship was and is very important to us as you can imagine.  Through that work, we were able to systemize our processes and determine how to be more efficient and then apply it to future McDonald’s projects.  We had even broken the regional record for fastest construction of a new store by completing it within 33 days.

Soon, we were systemizing all of our processes so that each area of the company could uniformly be completed by any employee with the same job title.  Our unmatched work ethic and consistency lead to efficiency, which resulted in fast, quality construction.

Additionally, through our Design/Build Construction Delivery, we are able to shave months off the completion date by having the architect on our team.  The open lines of communication with the architect and client launches our pre-construction planning and estimating earlier than it does in traditional General Construction Delivery because we have the information that we need to pull permits, order materials, and line up our team before the plans are complete.  We will be ready to start construction as soon as the plans and budget are finalized.

Finally, Wolgast became an employee-owned company in 2000, which means that every staff member became part owner of the company and benefits from the company’s success.  Therefore, the importance of meeting deadlines and doing the job right is everyone’s concern from the laborer to the project manager and everyone in between.

We’ve been known to put up a building in half the time a contractor down the street puts up a similar one.  We’ve also landed a few projects because no other contractor can do it within the allotted time.  This is all due to the importance we put on speed and we’ve managed to do it without sacrificing quality.  Count on us when you want it done right the first time!  Solid foundations…Solid results…the Wolgast Way!

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