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Safety and Goodwill Celebrated at Employee Development Meeting

Posted on Thu, May 15, 2014

At Wolgast's Quarterly Employee Development Meeting, we recognized our staff members for their Safety Achievements.

Field Employee Owners with 5-9 Years of Safety
5 9 Year2edt

L-R:  Dave Beer, Mike Lucik, Kyle Thompson, Darin Madden, Cory Vollmar, Mike Willett, Greg Tyra, Scott Wilmot, Chris Kuhl, Kevin Drake, Mike Garcia


Field Employee-Owners with 10+ Years of Safety (including two with 24 years!!)
10  Years edt

L-R: Mark Stavely, Mike Clarey, Greg Daenzer, Paul Spencer, Keith LaPratt, Tom Pieske, Gary Soule, Bill Schneider, Matt Shorkey, Jeremy McAllister


Also, at the meeting, we recognized staff members for doing such a fantastic job that their customer wrote us a letter to tell us about it.  We call these Goodwill Awards!
describe the image
L-R: Janet Greziak, Mike Bellor, Amy Severin, Justin Schmidt, and Scott Wilmot

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