Construction Services

Construction Services...The Wolgast Way.

Today, there are several unique and distinctive methods of providing construction solutions. A business owner has the luxury of selecting the most beneficial and appropriate delivery system for the specific circumstances of the project itself from a variety of procurement methods.

Construction ServicesAt Wolgast we offer several key construction solutions.

Wolgast has experience in Your Industry. To see our projects visit our Showcase to see the many industries we have worked with.

Adding Value to Your Project

Our method of turnkey construction provides value-added services that make the difference for our clients. Wolgast is fully staffed to coordinate all design, engineering and construction services from building concept, to completion of a project. We provide value engineering by comparing costs of different construction materials or systems that will be the best value for our customer, taking into account life-cycle costs such as long-term maintenance and operational expense of the facility. Each area of our business is managed adhering to systemized processes that ensure predictability and consistency for our clients. A Wolgast client can expect full-time, on-site supervision with daily control and inspection of work in place, as well as weekly and monthly reporting. All Wolgast services listed here are warranted for one year following the completion of work.

Solid Foundations…Solid Results…The Wolgast Way.

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