Commercial Design and Build...The Wolgast Way

Design/Build is a construction delivery method in which one entity – the design/builder – forges a single contract with the owner to provide architectural/engineering design services and construction services. Design/Build is also known as single-source responsibility.

In an ever-changing commercial construction environment, general contractors & architects are increasingly compelled to work closely together to save time and money. Old ways of doing things simply are not good enough in today's marketplace.

How to decide if Design/Build is right for you

The advantage of Design/Build is really for busy business owners or those who are looking for a turn-key solution to their construction needs.  As the Commercial Design/Builder, Wolgast becomes the owners advocate, leading them through site planning, permitting, design, value engineering, and construction.  Also, a cost to build is established early and having the architect on the construction team provides open communication throughout construction.

Recognizing the benefit to our clients, Wolgast Corporation was the first to provide Design/Build services in Saginaw and mid-Michigan. Today, we are fully staffed with an experienced team of in-house professionals qualified to complete any Design/Build project. Because many construction projects are very complex and challenging, Wolgast offers a unique phased approach to our Design/Build clients. It's our job to simplify the process as much as possible and to ensure we complete your project on time, every time, and within budget.

Phase I

Preliminary Schematic Designs and EstimatingPreliminary Schematic Designs and Estimating

  • Complete Needs Analysis
  • Schematic Site Plan
  • Schematic Floor Plan Layout
  • Schematic Building Elevation
  • Conceptual Cost Range
  • Building Code/Zoning Review
  • Initial Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Analysis

Phase II

Site Engineering, Detailed Construction Drawings BidsSite Engineering, Detailed Construction Drawings Bids.

  • Site Engineering
  • Floor Plans & Schedules
  • Structural Plans
  • Mechanical Plans
  • Electrical Plans
  • Written Specifications
  • Confirmation of Preliminary Budget
  • Approval of Agencies

Phase III

Construction and Project AdministrationConstruction and Project Administration

  • Prepare Project GANT Schedule
  • Establish Firm Construction Price
  • Construction Begins
  • Bi-Weekly Progress Meeting
  • Review Samples, Schedules & Shop Drawings
  • Issue Bulletins & Change Orders
  • Project Close-Out
  • Certificate of Occupancy

Phase IV – Post Construction

  • CSR
  • Warranty
  • Survey

Furthermore, the Wolgast Phased Approach to the Design/Build construction process offers the following benefits to our clients:

  • You get early cost input from Wolgast Corporation as your Design/Builder. A price is put on your conceptual ideas as they are developed.
  • Chances for misunderstandings are minimized. You only deal with one accountable person or company – Wolgast Corporation.
  • A budget is established early, right after the preliminary drawings are completed and the scope of work is established at the end of Phase I. Maximum project costs can be determined before detailed design is complete because our experienced estimators offer input on current building costs throughout the design stage. We know we must "do it right the first time" to meet the guaranteed price.
  • Liability and risk are reduced. Wolgast Corporation assumes responsibility for integrating design and construction, thus reducing your liability and risk of additional costs due to design errors and omissions.
  • Quality is enhanced. Constant communication between the designer and the builder results in a well-balanced, high quality design that works on paper and in the field.
  • There are savings in both time and dollars. Design/Build allows for construction activities to begin before the entire design and construction drawings are complete, thus allowing projects to proceed fast track. This phasing of work results in savings of time and dollars through faster delivery of the project and earlier operations start-up.
  • Value engineering is provided. Having the designers, engineers, and construction personnel involved throughout the life of the project can optimize cost, schedules and quality. The Wolgast team can foresee problems ahead of time and quickly solve them so time and dollars are not wasted. We work together throughout the project to provide solutions that make your facility more efficient.

At Wolgast Corporation, all systems are in place to design, engineer and construct your facility using our phased Design/Build delivery method. We have been progressive in our construction services over the past 70 years in Saginaw and throughout Michigan. Additionally, Design/Build is gaining industry-wide respect and Wolgast Corporation is one of the best companies offering this comprehensive Building Design Process.

Solid Foundations…Solid Results…The Wolgast Way.

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Why Some Business Owners Don't Do Design/Build, but Should