Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development...The Wolgast Way.

Stricter lending requirements are one reason construction professionals are under greater pressure. When financing isn't available, the project cannot start on time and the overall time frame becomes compressed. It is very important for developers to involve contractors early on in the planning process.

Our knowledge and experience gives us the expertise necessary to provide our clients the following services required to create a successful Real Estate Development project and an exceptional construction experience. It's the Wolgast Way.

  • Real Estate Development...The Wolgast Way.Find the right parcel of land for the development
  • Structure and negotiate the land purchase
  • Prepare market studies and analyze the market
  • Handle the zoning process
  • Design your product(s) for the proper market
  • Prepare and analyze the development costs and operating pro-forma
  • Obtain construction and permanent financing
  • Administrate and coordinate the development process
  • Contract and oversee the construction process
  • Manage and maintain the property during lease-up and after completion
  • When and how to dispose of the property

How to decide if Real Estate Development is right for you

The Wolgast Approach to Real Estate Development offers the following advantages to our clients:

  • Flexible. We can partner with you or handle 100% of the project on a turn-key basis
  • A tailored approach delivering a customized solution for your project
  • A consultative approach ensuring that your needs and objectives are fully understood
  • The practical experience, education and customer service skills refined on the following projects:

Wolverine Secure Treatment Facility

Real Estate Development...The Wolgast Way.

Medical Arts Complex

Executive Arts Complex

Holiday Inn Express

Consolidated Freightways

Family Independence Agency

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Bankruptcy Court

A. G. Edwards

Hooters of Bay City and Saginaw

Oak Meadows Condominiums

US Attorney's Office

Westbrook Place Apartments

Residences at Westbrook Place

Wickes Park Homes

Bliss Park Senior Apartments

At Wolgast Corporation, all systems are in place to design, engineer, finance and construct your facility using our Real Estate Development delivery method. We have been progressive in our construction services over the past 70 years.  Real-estate Development is gaining industry-wide respect and Wolgast Corporation is one of the best companies offering this comprehensive construction solution.

Solid Foundations…Solid Results…The Wolgast Way.

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