Completed Projects

Completed Projects...The Wolgast Way.

Genesee ISD


Transitions Center
19,000 S.F.
Built on the site of a former Office Max store, this project involved the renovation of a retail space converted into classroom spaces. Classrooms are for post-secondary, special-needs students so that they may learn to become self-supporting. Classrooms consist of kitchens, bathrooms, and various retail training spaces.

Marion Crouse Instruction Center
55,000 S.F.
This facility is to help the extremely physical and mentally challenged student learn, have physical therapy, and interact with other students. This facility was completely renovated with new finishes, casework and mechanical and electrical upgrades. We also added a 4-classroom addition with a restroom and wash area. Special accommodations were made to complete construction without disturbing the students, as the school was open throughout the construction period.

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