Completed Projects

Completed Projects...The Wolgast Way.

Meridian Public Schools

Meridian Public Schools

Wolgast has been the Construction Manager for Meridian Public Schools since 2007 completing several phases of projects over the years.  The initial project included three separate building additions at the high schoo for locker rooms, band/music and art and science expansions.  Total architectural, mechanical and electrical renovations to 95% of the existing high school facility with a large portion of the work completed while the building was occupied. And while it was unoccupied in early summer, the roof was completely removed a new roof was installed.

Two years after the renovation was completed, Meridian made the change to implement the New Tech school program and hired Wolgast to complete the remodel of the area designated for incoming freshmen who would be adopting the program. Additionally, the project included an addition at the elementary school which consisted of four kindergarten classrooms, a large multi-purpose room and a new kitchen.  The existing media center, gym and classroom areas of the elementary included extensive architectural, mechanical and electrical renovations.  New entrance vestibules for increased security were added to both facilities.

Most recently, we completed more renovation of the High School to accomodate all the following classes who have also adopted the New Tech curriculum.  Work included technological and spacial updates to the science labs and media center.  Plus we integrated a new student drop-off drive at the Junior High School and made updates to the bus garage.


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