Completed Projects

Completed Projects...The Wolgast Way.

General Services Administration

General Services Administration

The General Services Administration office in Alpena is an Aerated Autoclaved Structure with stucco finish. AAC components were shipped from the manufacturer in panels and installed with a thin bed of mortar securing each panel to the next. AAC can be easily cut and shaped using standard construction tools. Once all panels were in place, the exterior received a troweled brown coat primer to eliminate imperfections and prepare the surface for the concrete hard pigmented finish coat. The interior was sprayed with one coat of a self-leveling pigmented finish. The AAC system was then fitted with doors and windows in the same manner as traditional built building materials.

Wood trusses create a "cottage hip" style roof.  The building contains a lobby and reception area, offices, mailroom, lounge, restroom, private interview room, computer room, audio-visual, and two large interview areas.

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