Experience. Knowledge. Expertise.

With a three to four month schedule to complete most school work each year, we rely on our proven systems to counteract obstacles that slow down construction projects. Also, by being part of the Building Team at the onset with the Owner and Architect, we're able to start planning early to be ready as soon as we can gain access to the school. Furthermore, we appreciate our part of the “three-legged” team with the District and the Architect and will continue to be unified and proactive throughout the duration of each project.

Our organizational skills and professionalism has resulted in 80% of our school clients being repeat customers. According to our clients, they appreciate our complimentary pre-bond services and full-time supervision on their site. After more than $2 Billion of in-place construction, we’ve demonstrated how proficient we are in managing large construction projects safely and skillfully. We will do the same for your University, K-12 School or Charter School. 

For school construction projects we've built new, added on or renovated gymnasiums, cafeterias, libraries, classrooms, secure entries, athletic fields, locker rooms, restrooms, offices, natatoriums, auditoriums, mechanical systems, science classrooms, computer labs, etc. Also, we have prepared schools to accommodate New Tech Curriculum, 21st Century Learning, and Vocational Education.

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