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McDonald's Reimage


Over forty years ago, Wolgast Corporation and McDonald's held their first meetings to discuss doing business together.  Those first meetings and the people involved in them set the stage for what has matured into a true partnership.  Today, Wolgast has completed construction of over 250 new McDonald's Restaurants and more than 300 remodels for the restaurant chain.  Most recently, Wolgast managed the installation of the new beverage stations for all participating restaurants throughout Michigan.

The picture above was taken during the reimage of the Mt. Pleasant, Michigan McDonald's on Mission.  Wolgast is currently working on McDonald's Mt Pleasant and Pinconning.


Mt. Pleasant, MI




Construction Method:
General Construction



Kwater-BThe Wolgast Team

Kwater-B Bryan Kwater
Project Manager
Kowalski G
Gina Kowalski
Project Manager Administrator
 Hadar-J Jacob Hadar
Project Supervisor