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Meridian Public Schools


Wolgast is the Construction Manager for Meridian Public Schools.  2019 projects involve improvements throughout the District including a new bus garage, and additions to Meridian Elementary, High School, and Junior High.  The High School is adding on 39,000 s.f. for a new Auditorium and Auxiliary Gymnasium.  The Junior High is adding 3,270 s.f. for a new band room and practice facilities.  And the Elementary School is adding 8,140 s.f. for new classrooms and renovating their existing space including new flooring, ceiling, cabinets and lighting.  Photo features the exterior of the new auditorium addition.


Sanford, Michigan


Integrated Designs, Inc.


Construction Method:
Construction Management



The Wolgast Team

Jeff-Bates Jeff Bates
Project Manager
WaznyP Paul Wazny
Field Manager
 Rauch_J2 Judy Rauch
Field Manager Assistant
lapratt-k Keith LaPratt
Field Manager