Construction Management

Construction Management...The Wolgast Way.

Our Construction Management method is unique because your team is created at the onset of the building concept. The owner's most important task is selecting their team members, which will include, construction manager, architect/engineer and owner representative.

Construction ManagementOnce selected, the architect is responsible for defining the building design through drawings and specifications. The construction manager provides the critical elements of cost, time and quality control. The owner, thoroughly informed by these professionals, is then able to make educated decisions about their project. This method works well because it offers exacting control over construction costs, time span and quality gained during the early design phase and continuing through the project's completion.

How to decide if Construction Management is right for you

In the Construction Management process, the owner must be willing to be involved in the process. Using this method, each trade contract is signed with the owner. More and more sophisticated users, those for whom construction is a recurring activity, like schools and retail chains, have recognized the benefit of employing the construction management principles.

Construction Management, the Wolgast Way, applies modern management techniques that provide our clients with the strong leadership necessary for large, complex projects. Here, it is not only a distinct form of project delivery; it is a comprehensive professionally delivered service. All services are coordinated and led by an experienced Wolgast Construction Manager, guaranteeing the critical elements of design, cost, time, and quality come together in developing a project the owner wants and needs. We work as our client's advocate at every stage of the project providing unbiased advice, responsive only to our client's interests.

Phase I - Pre-Bond Services

  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Present Facility
  • Determine scope of work
  • Bond/Millage Campaign Assistance
  • State Treasury Approval Assistance
  • Project Team Coordination

Phase II – Pre Construction

  • Problem Anticipation/Solving
  • Value Engineering Solutions
  • Budget Plan Review
  • Master Scheduling
  • Pre-Construction Meeting
  • Utilities Connection Coordination

Phase III – Construction and Project Administration

  • Full-Time On-Site Supervision
  • On-Site Supervision Support
  • Construction and Project Administration Cost Control Management
  • Pricing Verification
  • Treasury Application Review
  • Lien Waiver Collection
  • Sworn Statement Collection
  • Cost Control Manual Preparation
  • Trade Contractor Payment Distribution
  • Daily Progress Reporting
  • Trade Coordination Management
  • Weekly Trade Coordination Meetings
  • Project Team Communication Management
  • Team Meeting Facilitation
  • Task Scheduling
  • Materials Expedition
  • Project Schedule
  • Inspection & Scheduling Coordination
  • Construction and Project Administration Submittal Tracking
  • Specification Compliance Enforcement
  • Shop Drawing Distribution
  • Trade Contract Preparation
  • Insurance & Bond Verification
  • Contact Document Distribution
  • Trade Contractor Qualification
  • Quality Assurance Management
  • Continual Punchlist Inspection
  • Contractor Quality Evaluation
  • Daily Safety Inspections
  • Testing - Quality
  • Quotation Request Review
  • Quotation Request Processing
  • Change Order Processing
  • Project Change Management
  • Ongoing Value Engineering
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Goal Setting and Contractor Motivation

Phase IV – Close-Out

  • Close-out Documentation Collection
  • Facilities Training Implementation
  • Punchlist Completion

Phase V - Follow-up

  • Two-year Warranty
  • 6 - 12 - 24 Month Operations Inspection
  • 100% Owner Satisfaction

The Wolgast Phased Approach to Construction Management offers the following advantages to our clients:

  • Follow-upYou will receive objective advice. We are responsive only to our client's interests and dedicated exclusively to them.
  • We work on a fixed fee basis and have no stake in the construction contracts. Therefore, conflicting interests will not affect your project.
  • You will be provided specific expertise for all facets of the delivery process without having to retain individuals for specific tasks. Our team provides each service necessary.
  • You will have an advocate at every stage of the project.
  • You will have more effective control of complex construction projects
  • Computer generated scheduling allows reliable occupancy planning and controlled time spans
  • Dependable cash flow analysis
  • Educational Enhancement Program. Many Wolgast clients in the education industry have chosen to use the construction process as a vehicle to educate their students.
  • Zero punchlist control. From the beginning of the project, the Site Supervisor has a continuous punchlist which will minimize items at the close of a project.

At Wolgast Corporation, all systems are in place to construct your facility using our Construction Management delivery method. We have been progressive in our construction services over the past 70 years in Saginaw and throughout Michigan. Construction Management is gaining industry-wide respect and Wolgast Corporation is one of the best companies offering comprehensive Michigan Construction Management services.

Solid Foundations…Solid Results…The Wolgast Way.

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