General Construction

General Construction...The Wolgast Way.

When using the General Construction method to build your building, the owner selects an architect/engineer to describe the project using drawings, specification and bid documents. The contractor is then chosen by one of three methods:

  • General Construction...The Wolgast Way.The business owner negotiates with one or more contractors and chooses the one that he/she feels is best for the project.
  • The business owner, often based on the architect/engineer's recommendation, selects a group of contractors to bid on the project and accepts the bid of the lowest qualified bidder. This is called select bid.
  • The owner advertises for bidders and accepts the bid of the lowest qualified bidder. This is called hard bid.

How to decide if General Construction is right for you

General Construction is the traditional method of construction and may prove to be the most appropriate construction solution for some of our clients. It is the right choice when it's necessary to bid and then build a project based upon completed plans and specifications. While this method leaves little room for correction of design or programmatic errors, it is our mission to provide quality construction, assure on-time completion and to make the construction process easy for our clients all at a competitive cost and real value. This depth of services gives our clients access to the most current and innovative construction solutions and technology and allows them to get the most out of every dollar.

The Wolgast Approach to General Construction offers the following advantages to our clients:

  • Emphasizes price as the highest concern in your building project.
  • You will likely get a higher quality project if you choose your contractor based on confidence, trust and relationship by using the negotiation method, rather than hard bid or select bid.

At Wolgast Corporation, all systems are in place to construct your facility using our General Construction delivery method. We have been progressive in our construction services over the past 70 years and General Construction is the one that started it all.  Wolgast Corporation is one of the best companies offering this construction solution as a Saginaw general contractor and builder constructing throughout the State of Michigan.

Solid Foundations…Solid Results…The Wolgast Way.

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