Leaseback...The Wolgast Way.

Diversity is one key to our success at Wolgast Corporation. We are able to offer construction solutions to meet the needs of virtually any type of business. We offer innovative approaches for every niche in the marketplace. Often times, businesses are faced with the need to expand their floor-space while at the same time are reluctant to expose their business to the full risk involved. To this type of business, we offer Lease Back. Lease Back is a construction delivery method whereby Wolgast Corporation will build, finance and lease your new facility back to you, allowing you to focus on your business.

Below is a list of the types of services we can provide to create a successful Lease Back project and an exceptional construction experience. It's the Wolgast Way.

  • Leaseback...The Wolgast Way.Review your business requirements for the building
  • Help you select your site
  • Counsel on general plan design, zoning ordinances, building codes and other governmental restrictions
  • Perform a current facility survey
  • Prepare floor plan layouts - Develop building elevations
  • Engineer your site plan - Estimate the cost of the facility
  • Develop a financial analysis, lease and attractive lease terms
  • Construct and finance your facility
  • Get you moved in on time, under budget . . . the Wolgast Way

How to decide if Leaseback is right for you

  • Your working capital is used in your business, not your facility because there is no large cash investment necessary
  • Your business will be in a prime location due to the quality property available
  • The risk of development rests with Wolgast, not your business
  • You get a building tailored to your specific needs, not a building meant for someone else
  • Attractive and flexible financing is available
  • A purchase option at a future date when your business needs warrant the investment
  • Wolgast minimizes your time investment and frustration level leaving you to run your business while we take care of your financing and construction needs

At Wolgast Corporation, all systems are in place to design, engineer, finance, construct and maintain your facility using our Lease Back delivery method. We have been progressive in our construction services over the past 70 years. Lease Back is often the most viable solution for those looking to minimize risk and Wolgast Corporation is one of the companies most capable of offering this comprehensive construction solution.

Solid Foundations…Solid Results…The Wolgast Way.

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